What difference would it make to you and your business if you had a sounding board to turn to, a person who really understood what your business was about, who was removed from the day-to-day operations but still understood the whole; someone who was on your side but wouldn’t let you off the hook; someone who believed in you -perhaps even just a little more than you did- AND wanted to partner you on an incredible journey to the next level?

Hi, I’m Britta Christiansen, the face behind The Ripple Effect, a NZ based business coaching and training company with occasional forays overseas.

For the last 14 years I’ve been coaching, mentoring and training business leaders and their teams and I love it. Friends and family say, 14 years, no way, you’ve been doing this your whole life. It’s something I do naturally and one of my primary objectives when working with people is to help them identify, own and nurture their natural talents. Business has become more complex in many areas and the temptation is to be a jack-of-all trades. So how do you really know what to focus on, where your talents will shine? Consider having a conversation with me because that’s what I do.

img1' We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore is not an act but a habit' Aristotle

From recessions to business growth, coaching has shown me that while tactics and strategy are hugely important in a business, what really takes a business from surviving to thriving, from good to great is YOU. Are you bringing your best to work (and life) each and every day? Are you helping your team be their best?

People often ask me who my ideal client is. That’s simple- anyone who is willing to grow and knows they are capable of more- whatever ‘more’ means to you. I’ve worked with just about every industry in New Zealand, ranging in size from solopreneurs to some of NZ’s largest companies. Having worked with thousands of people in business, there are common patterns that help me quickly figure out where to start even if you don’t know yourself!


Britta Christiansen

Ph 09 575 3599

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Email britta@therippleeffect.co.nz

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St Heliers, Auckland 1740



Here's How I Can Help... 

1.       Getting stuff done

You can have the best strategy and tactics in the world but unless you actually implement what you know needs doing, nothing will change.  I love helping people bridge the gap between strategic intent and harnessing the behaviours and actions that actually makes things happen.

2.       Putting first things first

The 80/20 rule is well known. The challenge is most people lack clarity around what their 20% really is. Overwhelm, busyness, stress, fire-fighting, mediocre results are often symptoms of fuzzy clarity. Once people are clear about what’s important it’s much easier to stay focused on putting those things first.

$1 3.       Being accountable

Most people who know where they are heading, get there. What I’ve learnt in 15 years of coaching is that having someone hold you accountable helps you get there more quickly. This is not about being ‘punished’. Instead, it’s about someone who is on your side, so much so that they will not let you off the hook. You already know the difference that would make!

$1  4.       Nurturing talent

How many times have you heard the adage ‘People are your most important resource’? Yet most of the commonly used people management tools and practices are in need of a 21st century upgrade. Start with an audit of your current people management strategy (and just quietly, you won’t be the first not to have one) and watch you, your team and your business flourish.   I’m a trained MBTI™ and DISC™ facilitator which I’ve morphed with current neuroscience thinking around what really motivates human behaviour.   

 5.       Making money

If you’ve skipped to this without reading 1-4, start at 1-4! That said, there are definitely ways to improve your bottom line. If, however, your only interest is in making more money and you don’t care a hoot about your team, your customers or your community then I’m probably not the business partner for you. If, on the other hand, you want to create your own positive ripple effect, then I’d love to help you on your way.

Contact me if any of these sound like you